About Me

Hello world,

My name is Desi and I am an Instructional Designer/eLearning developer. My job consists of creating eLearning modules and developing programs for the fields of Construction, Transportation and Electrical companies. 

Some of my favourite programs that I utilize on a daily basis include: Articulate 360, GoAnimate, Piktochart, Illustrator and Photoshop. I love spending my days creating interactive eLearning courses and I also act as the LMS administrator and am knowledgeable in using SCORM. 

I am passionate about website design and I’ve built websites and created online lessons for educational institutions through the use of Weebly, WordPress, and SquareSpace.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my son, cooking and exercising. I have a neat blog called “cookingwithdesi” where I share healthy recipes. 

Take a look at my Portfolio and feel free to comment or email with questions. 

Thank you,

Desi Ivanova

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My website is about instructional design projects-eLearning development, web design, and creative design solutions. The purpose of my website is to share my eLearning expertise and gain connections throughout the world with potential clients.

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