Web Design


I had the privilege to design a trading company’s website- located in Saudi Arabia. I worked with the owner and got an idea of what he wanted the theme of his website to look like. I focused on making the site easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye, and to the point. The owner was pleased and I am able to say I enjoyed working on this project.

Check out the whole site here: nooramsatrading.weebly.com



Another project that I created for myself was a Cooking Blog. I love to cook and thought to be active and showcase my cooking abilities online for others to read and be inspired by. I wanted my blog to be professional and clean looking, as well as pleasing and easy to use.

My blog can be seen at: cookingwithdesi.com




Published by

Desi Ivanova

I love being creative and designing beautiful eLearning programs. The purpose of my website is to share my eLearning expertise and gain connections throughout the world with potential clients.

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